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Learning Modules
Welcome to the learning module section of the Arrowhead Area Agecny on Agings' web site.

The following areas of education are available;

Falls Prevention


Falls Prevention
Interventions to reduce fall risk among older adults
  • Review common risk factors of falls

  • Assess older adults for presence of fall risk factors

  • Review Interventions that have been proven to reduce fall risk

  • Implement additional fall-preventive interventions in patient population you serve.

Interventions to Minimize Behavioral Symptoms of Dementia:
Moving Beyond Redirection

  • Explain the effects of dementia on thinking, emotions and communication

  • Use a theory to help explain behavioral and communication changes associated with dementia and to guide interventions

  • Respond to behavioral changes with a calm, validating approach

  • Comprehensively assess verbal and nonverbal messages, including those that are associated with stress

  • Develop a plan whose non-pharmacological interventions reflect an understanding of and respect for the person and their preferences.

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