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Matter of Balance
Matter of Balance: Managing Concerns About Falls
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  • Have you turned down a chance to go out with family or friends because you were concerned about falling?

  • Have you cut down on a favorite activity because you might fall?
If so, A Matter of Balance: Managing Concerns About Falls is a program for you.

Classes’ help participants learn to:
  • View falls and fear of falling as controllable

  • Set realistic goals for increasing activity

  • Change their environment to reduce fall risk factors

  • Promote exercise to increase strength and balance

Designed to benefit older adults who:
  • Are concerned about falls

  • Have had a fall in the past

  • Restrict activities because of concerns about falling

  • Are interested in improving flexibility, balance and strength

  • Are age 60 or older, able to walk and to problem-solve

Trained coaches teach eight two-hour sessions.
  • Introduction to Program

  • Exploring Thoughts and Concerns about Falling

  • Exercise and Fall Prevention

  • Assertiveness and Fall Prevention

  • Managing Concerns about Falling

  • Recognizing Fall-ty Behavior

  • Recognizing Fall Hazards in the Home and Community

  • Practicing No Fall-ty Habits

To find out about A Matter of Balance class nearest you
Please contact: Evidence Based Health Programs Coordinator or click here for most recent calendar.
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